SPEROCOIN in order to be present in several different locations and situations launched its TRC20 token on the TRON network. When you exchange the currency for the token, you receive the POOL Proof-of-Stake reward where the exchanged coins are stored, according to your contribution. We remind you that the exchange is NOT MANDATORY!
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About Us

We are a Brazilian cryptocurrencie, created in the city of Belo Horizonte / MG.
Know a little more about our ideas.

Our Mission

Reduce the social and economic differences of the underprivileged population across the globe.
This leads to improvement in quality of life where it is scarce or does not exist.

Our Plan

We create a currency with use in a market accessible to all and a bank without charges of abusive fees, maintaining only the fixed rate of network transaction (~ 0.0001 SPERO).
With this we will have the first Bank and Social Market maintained entirely by a crypto-currency.

Our Vision

With mutual help and companionship we can achieve a goal that many people try to do alone.
The little ones, when they come together, become giants.

Technical Characteristics

Know the technical information of our software technology.


This algorithm uses 13 rounds of hashing with 13 different hash-functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, etc.), which makes it one of most reliable in a modern cryptocurrencies world.

Hybrid mining PoW and PoS

With Spero you mining with proof of work(PoW[ASIC, GPU, CPU, etc]) and also mining just leaving your wallet with active balance online, open and unlocked, the well-known proof of stake(PoS).

Total Coins

There are 7 million coins total, and were pre-mined 100,000 for application in several areas of the project.

Official Services

We count on developers who produce official applications and websites, offering security, transparency and speed in their execution.

Transaction Maturity

Mining: 05
Transactions: 03

Other Information

Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty reset to each block
Return PoS: 25% per year


Find out what has already been done to improve our system and see on what dates these improvements were made.

Creating the project using the MarteX currency
Generation of Merkle
const char * pszTimestamp: "Esperança eh a ultima que morre."; block.nTime: 1506335848;
block.nNonce: 44360;
GenesisBlock Generation
Send files to the Github

Code update: The SperoCoin-qt.pro file has been changed to build in the Linux environment

Block Crawler / Explorer creation

Added file in patch "src/leveldb/Makefile"

Update information on the PoW final phase and the initial PoS phase;
Source update qt wallet;
Release update;
Protocol update and general updates

Added orphan block cleanup option;
Added the "STAKE" display option in the "type" column within the "Transactions" tab;
Added "setban" in "add | remove" (bantime) "/" listbanned "and" clearbanned "in RPC console;

Banning Forked Peers that are stuck in Getblocks Loop

Updating String Names;
Updating information in README.md
Updating Wallet QT Information

Updating transaction maturity icons
Splash screen main update
Logo update within Wallet
Added hashGenesisBlockTestNet in main.h file
Added testnet block.nNonce in main.cpp file
Added static MapCheckpoints in the checkpoints.cpp file
Changing the initial letter of the testnet addresses in the file base58.h
Changing the sample initial letter in the qt / sendcoinsdialog.cpp file
Changed version to

Added RPC command "getnetworkinfo" - Change in files: bitcoinrpc.cpp; bitcoinrpc.h; rpcblockchain.cpp; rpcnet.cpp
Added RPC command "getblockchaininfo" - Change in files: bitcoinrpc.cpp; bitcoinrpc.h; rpcblockchain.cpp; rpcnet.cpp
Added Wallet Status Information (Locked or Unlocked) in the RPC command "getinfo"
Added new points in the network map updating the mapping up to block 130000- Change in file: checkpoints.cpp
Changing copyrights, updating the start date of SperoCoin works, being: "Copyright © 2017 The SperoCoin developers" - Change in ".ts" files in the "src \ qt \ locale" folder
Update of QT splashscreen images
Changing QT fonts for "Century Gothic"
Clear Orphans with automatic transaction page refresh, without the need to restart the wallet
Changed version to

Added new points in the network map by updating the mapping to block 165962
Performance improvements - Higher speed in synchronization
Added new icons
Change the style of the block download progress bar from "QWindowsXPStyle" to "QWindowsVistaStyle"
Changing the size of the icons in "STATUSBAR_ICONSIZE" from 16 to 64
Adding the opening of the SperoCoin.conf file from the console window menu
Changed description of PoW mining type
Changed description of PoS mining type
New PoS Mining icon
Version changed to

Changed Version to;
Amended version of the protocol for minimum 700001;
Added Introduction;
Added checkpoints from blocks to block 180000
Thanks to vinnystifler for contributing to the correction of errors with QT: https://github.com/vinnystifler

Incorrect transaction hash fix

[RPC] Implementation of the -zapwallettxes and system command FILE_DESCRIPTORS

Automatic backup of wallet.dat file

Activation of the SPERO Foundation account in PoW

Adding the Charity PoS System

Release of version

Design Fork on GitHub by DigitalCoin
Resubmission of files to GitHub

Launch on BitcoinTalk

Creation of OfficialE-mail
Temporary Website

Topic opening in: Cryptocurrencytalk

Partnership with the CURSAGRAM channel in the TELEGRAM application with SPERO as the main sponsor.

Modification of the Forum Bitcointalk: Jr. Member

Partnership with pool's: pickaxe.online
Hope left the project

Official team shutdown Hope technical assistance in the project

Start voting to add currency to Exchange TradeSatoshi

Listed now in Coins Markets

Channel created using Slack

Voting start to add currency in C-CEX

Official release of the Android application based on Webwallet.

Register seller profile on the brazilian site P2Brasil
Currency register on the Brazilian site Catálogo P2P
Register seller profile on the brazilian site Catálogo P2P

Listing in CryptoStake

Listing in Staking World

Listing in Nanu Exchange

Listing in Blockfolio

Listing in Delta

Listing in CoinCodex

Listing in Bitsahani

Listing in 4Stake

Listing in Troca.Ninja


- Task Executed
- Task In Progress
- Task Proposal

  • Multiplatform Development

    Official Android Application Launch

  • Usability

    Official Cloud Mining Website
    Official WebShop
    Release of cellular recharging system at the official exchange office
    Payment of Bank Tickets at the Official Exchange Office

  • Exchanges and P2P Services - Third Party Services

    Register seller profile on the brazilian site P2Brasil
    Currency register on the Brazilian site Catálogo P2P
    Register seller profile on the brazilian site Catálogo P2P
    Larger Currency Entry

  • Exchanges and Services P2P - Official Services Spero

    Official Exchange creation
    Release of withdrawals in Reais (BRL) at the official exchange office

  • Social Services

    Participation in social projects within the community of the city of Belo Horizonte
    Creation of the Social Market
    Creation of the Spero Social Bank

Where we are?

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  • Official SPERO

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Our partners

SperoCoin Team

Meet the members of the SperoCoin Foundation and its functions within the project

Francis Santana


Leonardo Pereira

Investidor Alpha

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